Events at The Village Corner


Memorial Day Weekend

Join us on Memorial day weekend for some good sunshine in our Bier garden and craft beer! Don't forget to make reservations for Fathers Day!

Fathers Day

Celebrate our dads by joining us for Brunch on Sunday June 20! Pops get a pint on us!

Pint for pops.PNG
Oktoberfest picture.PNG


Oktoberfest is filled with fun festivities for adults and kids! You don't want to miss out on the food and drink specials going on during the weekends! We are as excited to be getting closer to October as you are! Sign up for our newsletter to get updates on our events!

Gingerbread Workshops

Every year The Village Corner hosts gingerbread workshops, where kids and adults of all ages can bring their creativity to the table and have fun! We provide the house, decorations, and icing!

Be sure to check back in December for more announcements about the Gingerbread Workshops!